Announcing Pop Up Bargain Shop

by The Better Sorts in Announcements

                                                                    Pop Up Bargain Shop has formally arrived on the scene, because now we have a name for our obsession. We have been buying and selling goods for you to adorn yourself and your home for a few months now, but only as of today do we have a name. So catch us if you can at our various venues – we promise there will always be new treasures to be had.
We go on the road in search of unique and collectible items. We then travel to a variety of marketplaces to sell our finds. Currently, the one marketplace where we have a guaranteed presence is The Green Dragon Market in Lancaster County, PA….Fridays only.
Otherwise, we are a movable feast of sorts, and can be found with relative consistency at The Elephant’s Trunk in CT on Sundays, Rice’s Market in Bucks County PA on Tuesdays, Green Dragon in Lancaster County PA on Fridays, and Meadowlands in NJ on Saturdays. 
Our inventory is ever-updating, because the one thing we love to do more than sell is to buy.
So join us in the fun, the thrill, and the sheer joy of treasure hunting…